Fluid Dispensing

Desktop Dispensing platform providing a wide variety of applications. The machine is one of the few desktop platforms moving the dispense valve in X,Y and Z direction instead of moving the product on a moveable table. This makes programming very easy. The Dispense Master is equipped with a standard camera for programming purposes, calibration and fiducial alignment. The standard work area of the Dispense Master is 320 x 420mm.

Conformal Coating & Curing

Nano - Coat - The Ultra Precision Dip Coating Systems

The NEW NANO -COAT Dip Systems can apply coatings from <60nm to >50μm at >3% accuracy

Being totally air operated the NEW Nano-Coat Dip Systems are totally safe to use with all coatings including flammable liquids and for the very widest range of applications.

Dip coating is the most effective method of applying a conformal coating whether in terms of efficiency, productivity or cost. High volume manufacturers design their assemblies so that any component that should not be coated (e.g. connectors, trimmers, presets, switches) are located on one side of the assembly.

Laser Marking

Laser engraving logos, text, QR code, barcodes, serial numbers, photos, images on metal and mark plastic parts and tools. Laser engrave and etch stainless steel, brass, aluminum ( iPhone, iPad ), iron, gold, silver, titanium and other metals. Laser marking plastic, ABS, acrylic, Nylon, pvc, marble, ceramic etc. Black laser engraving, deep laser engraving, color laser engraving

Ion Contamination Tester

  • Designed for large part ionic contamination testing in a production environment
  • Submerged agitation jets and optional heated extract solution provide outstanding sensitivity
  • Available with convenient onboard all-in-one computer or tablet
  • Operated with SCS PowerView software
  • Test cells available in four test cell sizes

Cleaning Machine (PCB, Stencil)

  • Analog model with timer
  • Analog model with timer and adjustable thermostatically controlled heater
  • Digital model with timer, heat, power control, and degas
  • All timers have continuous operation capabilities
  • Stainless drain valves supplied on models 1100, 1200, 1800, and 2600 versions
  • Analog or digital timers (digital not available on CP 200 model)
  • Ceramically enhanced transducers
  • All stainless steel enclosures resist damage from chemical spills and will not crack
  • Sweep frequency of 45 kHz
  • Adjustable thermostatically controlled heaters (ambient to 80°C)
  • Precise control of time, heat, power, and degas on digital units
  • Main on/off switch
  • Cover included with all units

Motorized Workbench

Product Description & Manufacturing History

It is a matter of open reality that the ability to accurately position the work surface is vital for the basic target of reducing the strain and fatigue in shoulders, arms and the back of the workers. Due to this fact, the useful motorized workbench has become part and parcel of many of the corporations working in every corner of the globe.

The Detall Motorized Workbench assortment is the ultimate work surface for multi-shift operations because of the basic reason that it is powered by an electric motor that meets the global standards. The utilization of this motor is extremely easy and it will work according to your command without any delay. As it is well equipped with the functional design, thus it is able to provide lots of benefits to your employees in the shape of better health, comfort and efficiency that results in enhancing their performance.

The motorized workbench presented here will come in front of you in the form of having the Electric motor that can adjust the worktop to any height between the 26.5 inches to 44 inches. It has the capacity of bearing 700 lbs by up/down button and height can be read on the given LED display. Electric adjustment workstation can allowed all physical size operators to change the work surface for the purpose of getting a comfortable ergonomics working posture which will reduce the RMI (repetitive motion injury) in daily work.

Four-position heights can be programmed into memory by LED control panel for several frequently operator.

  • Loading capacity – 700 lbs
  • Bench adjusts from 26.4″ to 44″
  • Motor and control box are UL and CE approved
  • Four-position programmable height memory switch

Double ESD Workbench

Product Description & Manufacturing History

The main target of the Double ESD Workbench is to make sure that the users will become able to work together in an ergonomic and collaborative environment without facing any difficulty. The chief goal of the Double ESD Workbench provided by Detall is to offer the best quality by adopting the structural steel frames which are well furnished with the double sided slots. Because of this fact, it will give the permission to the worktop and accessories to be shared with the double sided mounted on upright frame. This is the process that will allow the Detall ESD Workbench to get a workbench double configuration easily and efficiently.

Detall Double ESD Workstation

Seeing that the Detall Double ESD workbench set are designed while keeping a keen eye on the ergonomic factor, that’s why it will allow the users to get a comfortable position by adjusting every accessories no matter if the users have different body sizes who work in the face to face position. The Detall ESD Workbench collection is well equipped with certain types of qualities including the affordability, modular and ergonomic workbench functionalities. You can utilize it for any purpose although it is most appropriate for lab, technical, assembly, and other sensitive work in which the customized storage and features is required.

The Double ESD Workbench available at Detall have some specific features stated below.

  • Electrostatic Dissipative versions (ESD) are available
  • ESD parameter: worktop 106-109Ohm; other part 106-109 Ohm

Choosing the Detall Double ESD Workbench is your right decision as they are planned and produced by the professional Engineers. This workbench collection will come in front of you in the form of best quality and performance that will cover all your requirements. As they are available in reasonable thus affordable price, therefore, they will be an excellent addition to your workplace.

ESD mat/ESD floor

  • ESD mat has two-layer structure, surface layer is static dissipative layer, and the underlying layer is for conductive layer
  • ESD Floor is permanent antistatic, wear resisting, corrosion resistance, PVC-coated
  • Good acid proof, alkali proof, prevent chemical flux characteristics, and wear resistant
  • Size: 1*10m, 1.2*10m, thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
  • Surface Resistivity 10⁷-10⁹ Ω
  • Underlying Resistance 10ᶾ - 10⁵ Ω

ESD Cabinet

In the advanced world of today particularly the industrial sector, the use of the Drawer Cabinets is the demand of the day because with the help of this option, you will become capable of obtaining a lot of storage space. In order to overcome the problem of electrostatic discharge, the use of the Drawer ESD Cabinets is a must for the industries particularly those ones in which the working is related to the field of electronics.

  • Certificate: ISO 9001:2008
  • International Electrostatics: IEC 61340-5-1:2007,
  • European Safety of machinery: EN ISO 12100:2010,
  • European Safety of Electrical Equipment machinery: EN60204-1:2006+A1:2009+AC:2010

ESD & Clean Room Material

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Standard on all seating
  • Thick foam padding
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 5 ESD twin 50 mm diameter swivel nylon castors
  • Easy assembly
*This ESD model is static-dissipative with a resistance less than 10^7 ohm.

Various Soldering/ Rework Station

ESD safe soldering station for a small budget – suitable for work on static-sensitive components. The 60W heating element is strong enough for all soldering jobs in your lab or production line.
Technical Specification:-
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Input Voltage: 220VAC±10% 50HZ (110V optional)
  • Output Voltage: 24VAC
  • Temperature Range: 150 ~ 450℃ (302 ~ 842℉)
  • Temperature stability: ±2℃(still air and have no load)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±15℃
  • Tip to Ground Impedance: <2Ω
  • Tip to Ground Voltage: <2mV
  • Setting Mode: keying Adjustment and Immediate Access
  • Temperature-correcting Mode: Digital
  • Heating Core: 60W Two-core Ceramics Heating Core
  • Physical Dimension of Principal Machine: 146(L)×120(W)×91(H)mm
  • Standard tip: AT-900M
  • Weight: Ca. 1.8Kg

X-Ray Inspection

The system’s intuitive operation allows inspection tasks to be performed quickly and effortlessly. Due to the extreme speed of inspection workflows, it is especially suited for the inspection of small-scale series. In the case of manual or single-part inspection, the 1-click operation enables availability of the first radiographic image within a few seconds. Functions such as Click & Center, Click & Fly or Grid Inspection are also 1-click operations. When designing special attention was paid to a small space requirement and intuitive operation. So the system can be operated in nearly any location, and even inexperienced operators can acquire good images quickly.
  • Time to first image (typ.) ~ 10 s
  • Reconfiguration time (typ.) < 60 s
  • μCT scan time (min.) 8 s
  • μCT reconstruction time (min.) ~ 60 s
  • Image chain flat panel detector
  • CNC yes, incl. Click & Center etc.
  • Twin magnifcation axis yes, for Zt and Zd positioning
  • Oblique viewing +/-70° (140°)

Video Measuring Machine

Benchtop, automatic, non-contact measurement system with full CNC control for value-conscious customers.

Built on a solid granite base and column, MVP provides the kind of performance that has made SmartScopes popular around the world.

Motorized translation stages with precision scales make measurements fast and accurate. Metrology software allows any operator to achieve repeatable measurements on the most complex parts.

A feature-packed dimensional metrology software with an extensive array of measurement tools that emphasize ease of use including intelligent edge detection, user friendly icons and a point and click interface.
Key Technologies
  • High quality 6.5 to 1 zoom lens
  • Solid, stable, reliable granite structure
  • Measure-X metrology software
  • 0.5 µm scales in XYZ axes
  • High resolution color camera
  • Convenient joystick control of all axes


    1. Advanced Optical System, Low Distoration, High Definition, Large Field of View, Super Depth of Field(≥6mm) and Good Parfocality.
    2. New Design,Easy Operation
    3. Manual 36° 2D/ 3D Rotary Observation Lens Attachment
    4. Super Long Working Distance, Standard W.D: 95mm
    5. Auto-focus for Different Digital and Analog Cameras
    6. Compact, Practical and Cost-effective

Plating Rectifiers & Pulse Reverse Powers Supplies

Plating electronic is one of the technology leaders in direct current rectifiers and pulse power supplies for electrochemical processes. These primarily include electroplating, surface treatment of aluminium, PCB manufacturing and water treatment. plating electronic delivers tailored solutions for optimal power supply in all these sectors.